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Cleaning amber beeswax

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Cleaning amber beeswax

I believe that every friend has used ultrasound to clean his jewelry, especially metal ornaments. After cleaning, the light is as new as new, and can not help but be angry, good things, good things. So, they put their jewelry in the ultrasonic wash, such as the amber pendant that I especially like.

What? What? Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Amber is not to use the ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise the consequences! Really? Why?


1. Cleaning principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly converts the sound energy of the power ultrasonic source into mechanical vibration through the transducer, then the ultrasonic wave is radiated to the cleaning liquid in the slot by cleaning the tank wall.

Because of the radiation of ultrasonic, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can be vibrated under the action of sound waves, thus destroying the adsorption of the dirt and the surface of the cleaning parts, causing the fatigue damage of the dirt layer to be stripped, that is to say, the solid surface is scrubbed with the vibration of gas bubble.


Why not 2, amber beeswax by ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasound is a sound wave above 20000 hertz. Cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaning machine produces a strong vibration, with pressure and heat, which is difficult to realize with the naked eye, but it can be fatal to amber.

As you know, amber wax is a fossil of organic resin, which itself has a large number of indistinguishable bubbles and pores in our eyes, and natural amber is unavoidable to have a little flaw, such as fissures, which may not be apparent in the naked eye, or very hard to see, and may be more cleavage under the vibration of high frequency ultrasonic waves. Obvious, even broken.

If the optimized amber is more dangerous, especially the amber that has been filled and glued, a wash must be broken, I say it can effectively identify and eliminate the inferior imitated natural amber, but it hurts the real natural amber as well.


3. Not only amber that can't be cleaned by ultrasonic


1) organic gemstones like amber wax can not be cleaned by ultrasonic waves, such as pearls, corals, tortoiseshell, ivory and coal.

2) the gemstones that have been optimized can not be cleaned by ultrasonic, such as filled diamonds, emerald, opal, as well as red and sapphire, which are optimized by heat treatment.

3) inlaid stones and carvings cannot be cleaned by ultrasonic wave, which may cause loosening and abrasion.


4, how to properly clean amber beeswax

Wearing amber beeswax inevitably contaminated with dirt, sweat, how to do the dirty? In fact, it is very simple, put it in clean water, soak it and rub it, wipe it with soft cotton cloth. If you encounter stubborn dirt, with a soft bristled toothbrush in the water gently scrub clean, also can be dipped in a neutral detergent scrub.

When it comes to cleaner, we may have doubts about the heart, can not use amber beeswax for cleaning? In theory, amber is easy to dissolve in sulfuric acid and hot nitric acid, partly dissolved in alcohol, gasoline, ethanol and turpentine, and our home cleaners generally do not contain these ingredients, so please rest assured that if you are not at ease, you can use toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to clean it, but pay attention to the use of abrasive toothpaste containing particles.

Amber wax in daily life as far as possible to avoid contact with alcohol, nail polish, nail washing water, perfume, hair gel, insecticide, but contact with these organic solvents are not afraid, timely cleaning can, do not have any effect on amber honey wax, please rest assured!

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