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Classification of common ultrasonic metal welding

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Classification of common ultrasonic metal welding

Ultrasonic metal welding can be divided into common spot welding, welding, seam welding and welding line ring.
1. spot welding
The vibration system of the spot welding machine can be divided into longitudinal vibration (light structure) system, bending vibration (heavy structure) system and light flexural vibration system of two. The light structure is used for small spot welder with less than 500W power. The heavy structure is suitable for the kilowatt class high power welding machine. The light bending vibration system is suitable for medium and small power welding machines, and it does not have many advantages of the two vibration system.
2. ring welding
Ring welding can be used to form a closed weld at a time, and the torsional vibration system is adopted. The amplitude of vibration of welding pad is symmetric and linear with respect to the axis of the acoustic pole when welding. The amplitude of the axis is zero and the amplitude of the pad edge is the largest. Obviously ring welding is most suitable for the packaging process of microelectronic devices. Sometimes ring welding is also used for linear welds with high air tightness. At this time, a partial overlap welding method can be used in the same seam welding to obtain continuous linear welds. Due to the large area of girth welding and the need for larger power input, the multi transducer driving mode is often adopted.
3. seam
The vibration system of seam welding machine can be divided into (a) longitudinal vibration system; b) flexural vibration system; c) torsional vibration system according to the vibration state of its pad.
Two of them are commonly used in a) and b). The vibration direction of the weld plate is perpendicular to the welding direction. The direction of the vibration of C is parallel to the direction of the welding.
Welding can obtain continuous weld seal. Usually the workpiece is sandwiched between the upper and lower welds. Under special circumstances, the flat bottom sound pole can be used.
4. wire welding
Wire welding can be regarded as an extension of spot welding. Now through the linear sound very last won the 150mm long linear weld. This method is most suitable for chaff's linear seal.

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