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Charger casing PC or ABS ultrasonic welding machine

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Charger casing PC or ABS ultrasonic welding machine

Introduction of ultrasonic welding machine for charger case:

The material of the charger shell is generally PC or ABS, which is most suitable for ultrasonic welding. The ultrasonic welding machine of the charger shell can be used for welding all kinds of mobile phone charger and notebook power adapter shell, which has high welding efficiency and good appearance.
The principle of ultrasonic welding machine for charger case:
The ultrasonic welding machine is suitable for riveting, riveting, spot welding, embedding welding and riveting between metal and plastic between thermoplastics. The principle of ultrasonic welding machine: the ultrasonic transducer transforms the high frequency oscillating signal produced by the ultrasonic generator to the mechanical energy. The energy is transmitted to the surface of the plastic workpiece through the ultrasonic welding head, so that the two parts of the upper and lower parts and the molecules are melted after the violent friction between the molecules and the molecules, and then melt together.
Characteristics of ultrasonic welding machine for charger case:
1, the welding speed is fast and the production efficiency is high.
2, can be welded through the dirt.
3, no need to add any auxiliary agent, clean and pollution-free, environmental protection and energy saving;
4, high precision welding, no overflow, firm and beautiful;
5. The power is strong and the stability is good.
6. Good sealing performance and good sealing effect such as air tightness and water tightness.
Other applications of ultrasonic welding machines in the electronics industry:
The electronics industry is a technical industry. The technological content of products determines the competitiveness of enterprises. Technological innovation has become an important foundation for the development of enterprises. With the rapid development of the household electrical appliance industry, the upgrading of electrical and electronic products is getting faster and faster, and the requirements for the splicing of plastic parts are getting higher and higher. In view of the fierce competition in the electronic and electrical industry, the unique industry characteristics of various products, and the new product development characteristics of the new product development and the strict product quality control, we provide the customers with the reasonable welding technology and efficient economic welding equipment to help you reduce the new product to the market. Time to achieve mass production operation.
Plastic welding is widely used in the electronics industry. As far as the solar energy circulating bladder is concerned, it is possible to use plastic welding to achieve its welding requirements from small to USB connections. Successful cases: ID card, charger, gas meter, electric meter, impeller, selenium drum, U disk, MP3, supermarket anti-theft buckle, headphones, sensors, 3D glasses, electric iron, remote control, mine lamp, electric hair dryer, electric mosquito coil, telephone, humidifier, electric toothbrush, insert, USB connection, notebook battery, power adapter, tube type Battery and other welding.

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