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Can we wash the fruits and vegetables with vinegar to remove the pesticides?

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Can we wash the fruits and vegetables with vinegar to remove the pesticides?

There is a saying that white vinegar can be used to remove pesticide residues. Is that true? Experts say that for a small number of organophosphorus pesticides, washing can be removed, but for organochlorine pesticides, white vinegar is also powerless.

White vinegar mainly contains acetic acid and water, acetic acid pH is low, not suitable for microbial growth, using white vinegar to clean fruits and vegetables, can kill bacillus and Escherichia coli on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and play a good bactericidal and antibacterial effect. But to deal with pesticide residues, white vinegar a bit powerless!

Organophosphorus pesticides and organochlorine pesticides are commonly used pesticides in China. Most of organophosphorus pesticides are water-soluble. Such pesticides can be washed directly with clean water, and there is no need to waste white vinegar. The pesticide residue that we are more worried about is organochlorine pesticides. Because organochlorine pesticides are fat soluble and not easily soluble in water, it is difficult to remove them when soaking in fruits and vegetables with white vinegar.

At present, there is no universal way to completely remove all pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. To deal with the fruit and vegetable pesticide residues, try the following several methods more really:

Don't let fruit and vegetable ventilation: bought new fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator immediately, so that fruits and vegetables in ventilated and dry place or poison. At present, pesticides used in fruits and vegetables are volatile and can be dried to reduce pesticide residues.

Do not let fruit and vegetable detergent residues: fruit and vegetable detergents can help remove pesticides, but use fruit and vegetable detergent after rinsing with water.

It is suggested that the skin should be peeled: the nutrition on the skin is not comparable to the pesticide residue. For example, cucumber, balsam pear, tomatoes, radish and other general peeling can remove most of the pesticide residues; if you do not want to peel, brush with a good effect.

Some fruits and vegetables can be boiled water treatment: the use of pesticides are fruits and vegetables is not high temperature, when the temperature after pesticide volatilization decomposition. For example, some hard to wash fruits and vegetables, green vegetables and flowers, cowpea, bean sprouts dish by this method.

Gently rinse with flour, starch and rice washing water. The surface mechanical friction during cleaning can eliminate some pesticide residues and rinse it with water.

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