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Can the dishwasher wash the tableware?

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Can the dishwasher wash the tableware?

Friends who want to buy a dishwasher will think of this problem, use a dishwasher instead of our hands to wash the dishes. The only thing we care about is whether it is cleaner than hand washing, although it is easy, but we are still more worried about the cleaning effect. Let me tell you about it.

1. Do commercial dishwasher wash clean

First of all, the principle of dishwasher: the machine is heated by the machine, 360 degrees of mechanical scour to the surface of the tableware through high temperature and high pressure water, and the decomposition of the oil and residue on the surface of the tableware by the detergent, and the soaking of the residue of the food by hot water, so that the oil and residue are rapidly decomposed and shedding, and the cleaning and degrading bacteria can be achieved. The double effect.

Whether the dishwasher can be washed clean is a very important problem, because if the washing is not clean, the dishwasher has no meaning. In order to verify that the dishwasher can be washed very clean, I kept looking for the dirtiest things in the kitchen. If these unwashed and unwashed items have been cleaned for a long time, that is enough to prove how strong the dishwasher is. Then, after dinner, they put these hard, dirty kitchen utensils and dinner tableware into the dinner table tonight. It's good, just finished, full, and the space is big enough.

This is basically the dirtiest representative of our kitchen, including glass, plastic, metal, these things are basically hard to clean the hand (net, narrow, not smooth), the key is the oil stains for a long time, wash not clean. If this is washed clean enough to prove the ability of the dishwasher.

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