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Application range of ultrasonic wire harness welding machine

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Application range of ultrasonic wire harness welding machine

The ultrasonic wire harness welding machine is mainly adapted to the welding of multi strand copper wire, electric vehicle wire harness, motor lead wire, cable line, terminal connection line, computer interface connection line, electronic equipment connection line, motor connection wire. The car harness welding machine is especially used in the welding of electronic components such as multiple copper wire and resistance pin, LED lamp pin of capacitance pin, socket pin, plug and other electronic components, and many shares of copper wire and multi strand copper wire, enameled wire, aluminum sheet and copper sheet. The welding time is short, the welding heat is avoided or the weld penetration is not enough. No flux, protective gas and welding joint are the alloy layer. The chemical property is stable and the electrical conductivity is good. The resistance system is basically the same as the original coefficient of the material. No splash, bright solder joints, no copper coating, and no cracking on terminals.

The ultrasonic wire harness welding has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation. The whole process of welding is only 1-2 seconds. It can be used in the large quantity characteristic welding of the factory. The moment of gold welding in the welding process of the copper knitting line will react to the high power of its current. The electricity energy consumed in the standby state is very few, and the copper braiding line is welded. The process is very simple. The operator can do any job training in Wuxi. It can be operated conveniently and quickly.

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