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Adjustment method of ultrasonic welding machine

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Adjustment method of ultrasonic welding machine

The traditional ultrasonic welding machine adjustment method is as follows:

1 tuning knob: This is the most important dispatching knob of ultrasonic welding machine. The purpose of its dispatching is to make the frequency of the high voltage signal announced by the ultrasonic generator together with the mechanical resonance frequency of the transducer. The way is to touch the check switch, the left and right fortification of the knob, so that the load indication current is the smallest, which can end the tuning process. [4]

2: amplitude shift: this knob does not have this knob on some kinds of machine. Its function is to reach the purpose of high speed output amplitude by dispatching the output voltage of the generator.

3: pneumatic button: including speed governor, pneumatic control knob. The speed governor is used to dispatch the upper and lower speeds of the cylinder. Air pressure dispatching knob is used to schedule operation pressure.

4: welding time (WELD TIME): for the time of dispatching ultrasonic emission, the common plastic part welding time is less than 0.6S, which can be considered as a failure weld for 1.5S melting time.

5: holding time (HOLD TIME): the holding time is equivalent to the curing time after the processing of plastic parts. Generally, if the fixed position of the plastic parts is set well, this time can not be considered. If there are springs and other parts in the plastic parts, the time should be adjusted accordingly.

6: trigger scheduling: trigger scheduling has two ways, one is delayed trigger. This scheduling is generally indicated as DELAY TIME. It refers to the time from the trigger machine to the termination of the ultrasonic emission. Through scheduling, the ultrasonic wave can be finished, then the fusion will be finished, or the plastic parts should be pressed first and then the ultrasonic wave will be triggered. The other is the pressure triggering. The principle is to compress the strength of plastic parts to trigger ultrasonic waves. For larger plastic parts, in order to prevent failure of vibration, the first choice is to trigger ultrasonic wave remelting, or with smaller triggering force.

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